VHF Tropo DX - live detection via meteorscan.com
Posted by g7fek on Fri, 07 Sep 2012 11:24:49 +0100

This week we are experiencing a prolonged Tropo lift on the VHF / UHF bands. Here is a useful early warning system for tropo between UK and Europe.

Meteorscan.com live feed is for detetcting meteors using a VHF radar signal. During periods of enhanced tropospheric conditions on VHF, the source signal can be detected directly along with the reflections from meteor ionisation and will be seen on the live feed.

Here is an example capture during normal conditions showing a meteor:-

Here is an example during a strong tropo lift (7th September 2012)

This system (link below) is useful for UK radio amateurs using VHF for an indication of enhanced tropospheric propagation or busy meteor showers when using meteor scatter propagation.

The current tropo lift (6/7 September 2012)  is likely to continue for a few days yet. Evenings and mornings may offer best enhancement.

Now is the time to have a go at some DX on 144.300 MHZ SSB, a part of the band that has seen a decline in activity. Tropospheric ducting and similar modes of propagation are commonplace on VHF in late summer and many lifts go unnoticed these days due to low activity. VHF is also great fun portable and will get you away from the shack.

VHF offers many modes of propagation. This year has seen tropo, sporadic E and Aurora openings on VHF.

If you want to see if tropo is active between South England and Europe, just visit our meteor radar detection page and look for the continuous signal trace described above.

Click here to Visit the Meteor Detection Live Feed

Above all, Have fun.

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