Radio Caroline Awarded Medium Wave Licence
Posted by Mike G7FEK on Sun, 21 May 2017 23:18:25 +0100

Former pirate Radio Caroline has been informed that they will be awarded a medium wave broadcast license.

With the exception of occasional 1 watt RSL events, Radio Caroline has not broadcast on Medium Wave from the MV Ross Revenge since 1990, at the end of its era as an offshore pirate radio station. On Wednesday (17th May 2017) Ofcom informed Radio Caroline that they will now be awarded a medium wave license to broadcast legally, for the Essex and Suffolk area.

Although medium wave is an outdated medium and subject to interference from modern devices, it is still preferred by enthusiasts for its warmer tonal quality and some broadcasters for its simplicity and potential reach.

It is not certain as to whether broadcasts under this new license will be from the ship MV Ross Revenge, last home of the former offshore station, which is still owned and by Radio Caroline, or from a land based transmitter.

Radio Caroline currently broadcasts via the Internet and on DAB/DAB+ in some areas. They also relay via Manx Radio's powerful AM transmitters for special events under the station name `Radio Caroline North`. These special broadcasts are usually different from the main output and can be heard on 1368 KHz AM.

For more details, please visit Radio Caroline Website.

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