Pirate Radio Marine Offences Act - 50 years on - The irony!
Posted by Mike on Mon, 14 Aug 2017 01:22:35 +0100

50 years ago today they tried to silence pirate radio for good.

The 1967 broadcasting marine offences act was intended to silence the growing number of pirate radio stations that had been challenging the BBC monopoly since the early 1960s. There`s no doubt that the primary target were the most popular stations Radio Caroline and Radio London.

Unlike many other stations of the time, Radio Caroline decided to continue broadcasting from sea and despite the challenges, managed to continue with a few gaps until 1990.

During the 1990s Radio Caroline returned on shortwave relays and various forms of satellite radio, while raising money with their information line to help fund the salvage and restoration of their final ship, the Ross Revenge. More recently broadcasts have continued on medium wave via Manx Radio transmitters on 1368 KHz and via various DAB outlets.

Ironically, 50 years after the BBC and government attempts to stop Caroline, they are set to return to medium-wave on the BBC`s former World Service frequency 648 KHz in the very near future, having already had their license provisionally approved.

Radio Caroline will be holding special broadcasts to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act.

For details, visit www.radiocaroline.co.uk

Comment by 'Mike, G7FEK' on 27 Sep 2017 - comment
“Hello Mark. No I don`t think Medium Wave will be very profitable for them, but I guess they are doing it more for the nostalgia (money isn`t everything). It`ll be fun to listen to Caroline on AM again.”

Comment by 'Mark' on 9 Sep 2017 - comment
“Do you really think they'll have any success with medium wave in 2017?”