Benefits of Analogue Amateur Radio Modes
Posted by Mike G7FEK on Thu, 17 Feb 2022 11:51:59 +0000

As a homebrewer and a user of vintage gear, I still value analogue radio technology and here`s why...

Analogue Amateur Radio Benefits

  • Low Cost of equipment (cheap radios are easy to find)
  • Easy homebrew design and construction (compared to digital modes)
  • Zero infrastructure requirement
  • No code keys or complex configuration
  • Easier on my ears (some digital modulations sound like robots)
  • Low waste (keeps the old stuff going)
  • Understandable design techniques aid learning
  • Everyone has at least one Baofeng handy - am I right?
There`s probably more, but that`s what I just thought up this morning.

Comment by 'Mike G7FEK' on 17 Feb 2022 - comment
“Not an attack on digital modes, I just wanted to express why I value analogue modes. Maybe there are more benefits than those I have listed, please feel free to comment.”