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Amateur Radio
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Radio Special Events


Along with several other radio amateurs, I operate special event radio stations relating to astronomy and other radio events. I am usually charged with technical jobs and tea making!


As well as finding us on shortwave, usually on 80 or 40 meter bands, you can often view our activities via our Radio Special Event Webcam.


Special QSL cards are provided for contacts made. Please see qrz.com for details


This is our International Marconi Day (IMD) radio station operating from Belvedere Castle in Exeter where Marconi visited and carried out some of his early radio experiments. Visit our webpage on QRZ.com


GB2MB is on air again for IMD on 30th April 2011 and during the preceding week as a “Castle on the Air” station.



GB400IYA was a year long special event station for International Year of Astronomy in 2009. Our station operated in the grounds of the Norman Lockyer observatory. GB400IYA celebrated 400 years since the invention of the telescope and the International year of Astronomy. On occasions this station is operated entirely on Solar Power from a 1KW Solar Array.


Radio Astronomy


I am interested in both astronomy and radio, in particular the study of our own Sun and its relationship with radio propagation.


I am an astronomer member and regular observer at the Norman Lockyer Observatory in Sidmouth, Devon, England. In the main, my interests combine both Solar astronomy and Radio, with a particular interest in solar effects on radio propagation. Our Radio Astronomy Group is growing group of enthusiasts carrying out radio Astronomy experiments. We also hold special radio events at the observatory or other sites, and provide special QSL cards for contact with our Amateur Radio Station.


As part of our Radio Astronomy operations we maintain a meteor radar detection station which is used to track and log meteor activity on a 24/7 basis. We also have other radio astronomy projects in the pipeline. Full details can be found at at www.meteorscan.com