Wheres all the activity
Posted by Mike G7FEK on Fri, 03 Apr 2020 19:36:56 +0100

With almost everyone effectively house-bound I expected to find 2m/20cm a lot more active.

Firstly though, I'm self isolating, alive for now and at the moment in reasonably good health, so I'm very grateful for that.

It`s surprising how quiet the VHF/UHF bands are. Activity is much the same as before the coronovirus outbreak, yet I would have thought it was a good time to play more radio.

I guess it`s the same old story though. Many amateurs are in it for the next shiny gadget and probably spend more time on their commercial infrastructure based comms (iphones/network `radios` etc.) or playing internet, than actually making use our treasured (and threatened) amateur frequencies. Ok, I`ll shut up. or perhaps it`s even time for a new hobby and I should climb back in my box?

Anyway. I'm active on 145.500 from I.O.W. beaming north, most days. Not super high power, but if there's any tropo-scatter, it can go far. Also have my UHF home-brew, but simplex activity is not really existent on UHF. Local UHF repeater is not too bad though.

Hoping to get something up and running on 144 MHz SSB soon. Although most of my kit is in Devon and I'm stuck self isolating here, I am at least able to pull bits of crap out of my old junk box and attempt to make them work, or build my own kit!. So look out for tests from my old Belcom Liner II soon (if all goes well, it is in a sorry state at the moment!)

73 all. Catch you on air soon.

Comment by 'John' on 6 Jun 2020 - comment
“Hi there. I am still waiting for my new radio and had a look around for any mods to your design for the inverte L antenna. I have been back in Yorkshire now for 5 years and have still not got round to putting up an HF antenna. I had a nice big garden up in Cumbria. I had put up a form of centre fed bat (W) wire fed antenna and a few hundred feet of counterpoise around the garden hedge. It certainly brought in the HF bands to my HB SDR rig. I now have one third of that area. I suppose one good thing is a decent path through to GB3HD 70cm to Huddersfield. Approx 27 miles from here. and the 2m repeater GB3YW @ Flockton. Approx 23 miles away. On my upside down hung dual band HB colinear antenna.To be replaced with a Watson 2000 6/2 &70cm for the new rig. When it gets delivered. I promiss to build one of your designed antennas has soon as I can.Before my 75 birthday next month. Stay well & 73 de John - G0WXU.”