Tonight - Venus Jupiter and The Moon in Conjunction and Venus in Occultation by the Moon
Posted by Mike on Mon, 01 Dec 2008 12:05:39 +0000

Starting this afternoon, step outside and look south to see a celestial phenomenon.

For the past month, Venus and Jupiter have been moving closer together. Tonight (Monday), they will be their closest and will begin to part again. In addition, this afternoon the Moon will pass in front of Venus at around 3.30pm and Venus will emerge from the Moon's shadow at around 5.00pm.  a rare occurrence and may be visible with the naked eye even in daylight.

The two planets Venus and Jupiter are very bright and can easily be seen in the south, just as dusk falls before they go below the horizon.

14.30 UTC

17:10 UTC

Have fun and don't look directly at the Sun!!

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