Marine Offences Act 1967 - Remembered
Posted by on 14 Aug 2007

Pirate radio\'s Darkest Day 14th August 1967

BigL 1395 KHz AM / Sky 0190

On the morning of Monday
13 August, Big L 1395AM returns to its pirate roots (for a couple of days
anyway). Mike Read will commence broadcasting from an American gun-boat off the
Frinton and Walton coast at 9AM to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the
demise of pirate radio.

Expect Big L's usual fun and frolics and a few special guests to celebrate
this historic occasion.

Radio Caroline - Sky 0199

Radio Caroline is running a
series of Special programs on its satellite (SKY 0199) and its web streaming
outlets to commemorate this event. The programs include many clips of recordings
of early radio Caroline programs.

Radio Caroline Website

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