It is Sunny so I am Mobile and Portable Again
Posted by g7fek on Tue, 12 Apr 2011 12:10:17 +0100

Mike, G7FEK is operating /P from Isle of Wight. If you hear me on air, please feel free to drop in and give me a wave.

I am back on the Island for a while, for work. While I am here i will be transmitting on both AM and SSB mostly on 80 and 40m daytime.

The main antenna I am using is a homemade ZS6BKW doublet, or my trusty G7FEK nested Marconi antenna for DX work. I don't have enough space where I am staying for anything bigger. I am testing the doublet as I intend to do a write up on it soon.

I am also operating on battery portable / solar power from a high up location near the Ventnor WWII Radar installation. I will be pleased to exchange qsl cards with anyone I make contact with, if they have sent a direct qsl to the PO box address on my QRZ page.

73 for now. - Mike

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