International Marconi Day
Posted by Mike G7FEK on Sat, 23 Apr 2016 15:57:08 +0100

Its Marconi day again.

Propagation is not that great today, but I may be operating /P on 80m and 40m to contact some Marconi Day stations.

Check out the bands and see how many Marconi day stations you can contact. A good excuse to do some radio.

List of registered stations:

Comment by 'G7FEK' on 8 Sep 2016 - comment
“Dave, Sorry I missed your comment!! I'm not very active on radio at the moment,mainly due to being in different places and work pressures. Will be doing some events next year though.”

Comment by 'Dave' on 23 Apr 2016 - comment
“Are you doing a special event station this year Mike?”