Funicular Railway - Railways On The Air Weekend
Posted by Mike, g7fek on Sat, 10 Oct 2009 19:30:06 +0100

An old Funicular Railway site was activated for Railways on the air weekend on 27th September.

Funicular Railway

Iain (M1OOO) was able to activate the International Year of Astronomy Amateur Radio Station, GB400IYA for this weekend because of the unique site we are operating from.

The station was activated for this event because it is operating from the original site of a historical water powered Funicular Railway. I believe it was the only Funicular railway site activated on the day.

While no longer in existence, there is a photograph taken in 1929 of the Observatory's funicular railway on the GB400IYA page at

Unfortunately I was unable to get involved with the Railways on the air weekend myself. Many thanks to those amateurs who invited me to take part and help with various events.

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