Exeter and Torbay Classic Gold AM transmitters to close
Posted by Mike on Wed, 27 Aug 2008 12:35:30 +0100

gCap Media are to close Gold AM stations in Exeter and Torbay area.

The Gold AM stations presently provide a local service requiring only low cost radios to listen. Listeners will be able to tune to DAB in some areas but that will mean an expensive radio upgrade, especially for the car.

Opening in 1980, the medium wave transmitters in Exeter and Torbay were originally known as Devonair radio. Their is an excellent tribute site for the original radio station on the web here:


This, along with the recent loss of BigL on Medium Wave, this is probably the beginning of the end for music radio on AM. The end of an era. It remains to me seen as to whether new technologies such as DRM might breathe life back into Medium Wave. Personally I think that radio is technology saturated with many broadcast platforms spreading listeners more thinly. DAB for instance has not proved to be very successful.

Mike's personal view of UK Radio

It is my view that gCap and predecessors GWR have monopolised and ultimately ruined local independent radio by providing centralised pre-formatted presenter driven radio, narrow playlists and taking away the personal connection between the music, the DJ and the listener. Radio is not just about money. It's about making connections and communicating something of value. That's how you get and retain listeners. Radio stations should be operated by those that understand it.

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